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A remarkably complicated documentary that took more than five years to complete, Remembrance centers on Luis Frank, a Lithuanian immigrant who serves as an American spy in Paris during WWI and a republican militant in the Spanish Civil War before seeking exile in Mexico in hopes of finding a new life. It was during his stint in the Spanish Civil War that Frank shot two documentaries; and though he vowed to remake one of them before he died, mortality ultimately cut in a bit too soon and it seemed that his dream would remain unfulfilled. When his son Jose Frank approached filmmaker Marcela Arteaga in hopes of finally realizing his father's vision, Arteaga became intrigued with the elder Frank, witness to many of the 20th century's most defining moments. Taking a detailed journey through Luis Frank's rich and varied past, Arteaga's film ultimately transcends mere biographical information to offer a remarkably personal journey through a century marked by war, remembrance, and rebirth. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


  1. Luis Frank
  2. Miriam Frank
  3. Jose Frank
  4. Max Kerlow
  5. Genoveva Arteaga
  6. Roberto de Hacha

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  1. Marcela Arteaga - Director
  2. Angeles Castro - Producer
  3. Hugo Rodríguez - Producer
  4. Gustavo Montiel - Producer
  5. Marcela Arteaga - Screenwriter
  6. Andre Krassoievitch - Art Director
  7. Sigfrido Barjau - Editor
  8. Roberto Bolado - Editor
  9. Marcela Arteaga - Editor
  10. Gustavo Companias Arteaga - Composer (Music Score)
  11. Celiana Cardenas - Cinematographer

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